359 Arthur Street,
Dayton WA 6055

School Crest

Emmaus Catholic Primary School is in the heart of the Swan Valley; represented by the grapevine and rows of vines through which the road winds.

Cross: reminds us of our Christian faith and our continual journey with Christ.

Vines: remind us of the area in which our school stands in the Swan Valley. The nourishing fruit of the entwining vine symbolises God’s fulfilling love for us.

Road: The road represents the pilgrimage of the two disciples travelling together to Emmaus, with Jesus alongside them. This road continues to be the road that we, as a community, walk along in Christ’s presence as people of faith, hope, trust, and humility.

Circle: represents our unending journey as a community with Christ.

Emmaus Catholic Primary School is a community in which learning, connecting, developing, transforming, and journeying together is leading us to Christ.