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Why Emmaus Catholic Primary School?

The story of the Road to Emmaus in the final chapter of the Gospel of Luke, is a powerful tale filled with lessons about discernment, hope, truth and learning. Two men, distraught over the death of Jesus, who find themselves in deep conversation with the Teacher himself.

Only, they don’t realise it is Him. There, as they walk on the road to Emmaus, these two men learn about Christ directly from the source, truths of the scriptures and the use of knowledge to empower others. Upon their arrival and the stranger accompanying the men in sharing a meal, they recognise him, and loaded with newfound knowledge, confidence and encouragement, rush back to Jerusalem to share the good news.

As with Christ’s inspiration, revelation and influence in his followers’ discernment, Emmaus Catholic Primary School challenges all students to be the best they can be. Each stakeholder in our school is held in high esteem and made to feel that they are respected, valued, feel safe and know that they belong to our school community.

Teaching children is an accomplishment; getting children excited about learning is an achievement.” 

Robert Meehan

Emmaus Catholic Primary School is a Christ-centred and child-focused community where all partners journey through a child’s primary schooling years together. Like the disciples along the Road to Emmaus, we too as a supportive body of parents, students and staff, walk with Jesus to create a school that is known in the Swan Valley for its care of students, its quality educational programs and its capacity to live Christian love and kindness in every interaction with others.