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Student Leadership/Student Voice

Student voice acknowledges that students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, education, and schooling and as such, should contribute to the architecture of their own learning.

At Emmaus Catholic Primary School, we aim to encourage student voice by inviting active contribution of our students to the school, community, and education system. We encourage them to engage in collaborative decision-making processes and collectively influence outcomes by sharing views, concerns, and ideas. We believe in promoting student voice across the classes and believe that this promotes agency and empowerment which improves wellbeing, sense of self and connection to learning. Our community capitalises on the senior student leadership team to support staff and students in creating a positive culture at the school. Given responsibilities such as running assemblies, leading whole school gatherings, support school sporting events, promoting environmental and community awareness events and representing the school in the wider community, the senior student leadership team work in partnership with school leaders, teachers and students to improve learning for all and build a culture of learning together.

"Each child is unique and the protagonist of his or her own growth. Children desire to acquire knowledge, have much capacity for curiosity and amazement, and yearn to create relationships with others and communicate."
Loris Malaguzzi