359 Arthur Street,
Dayton WA 6055

Catholic Identity

Emmaus Catholic Primary School offers an excellent educational choice for families wishing a Catholic Education for their children. Catholic schools provide rich learning opportunities and environments for young people which nurture them to develop a hunger for lifelong learning.

Emmaus Catholic Primary School is committed to integrating faith, life and culture for the students and families in the school by providing many meaningful opportunities for faith formation through prayer, worship, retreats, and Christian service. All decisions are Christ-centred, transparent, evidence-based and place the child as the focus.

Our School builds strong relationships with families recognising that parents are the first educators of faith for their children. The school endeavours to support Catholic families and Parish in the preparation of children for the reception of the Sacraments.

Emmaus Catholic Primary School displays meaningful and distinctly Catholic icons and symbols which are visible in both internal and external environments.


Each year all Year 3 and Year 5 students at Emmaus Catholic Primary School participate in the Archbishop’s Religious Literacy Assessment. Results and data are examined annually with a view to improving student outcomes and learning in this important area of the curriculum.


Emmaus Catholic Primary School lies within the boundaries of Holy Cross Parish in Ellenbrook.

The parish is a relatively young parish, rich in diversity, boasting a variety of cultures and nationalities. All are welcome to join the Parish community and contribute to its life. Even in the school’s infancy, Emmaus Catholic Primary School has formed a close relationship with our parish priest, Fr. Bonaventure Echeta and look forward to building a strong bond between school and parish.